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         SAILON LIGHTING was found in 2010, as a manufacturer has over 10years experience for manufacturing and designing

of UVC products and the parts in China. Our products widely used for air cleaning and water treatment. Weare  specialized in

providing solutions for our customers. 

         Over 10years experience in oil fume cleaning,  sewage  treatment,  waste gas  pollution  control, food sterilization  and

air  disinfection  of  room. Our  300  square  meter  factory  is  located  in  GuangDong   China   has   been   pass   CE&ROHS

certification and ISO 9001.

         Own core making, exhausting, and clamping Automated  high-tech imports  machine for  three productions  lines. Over

90% fully mechanized operation to making products.It's our aim to  providing you  the  best  customer service, you can make

the best decision to suit your needs and business.